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I bought my LG washer & dryer set in July of 2006 and have taken great care of these machines. Just 5 months ago the washer started smelling like mildew even though I dry inside the rubber seal on the door and leave the door open to air dry inside after I\'m finished with the laundry. I\'ve been in contact with LG & Home Depot where I bought them and they\'ve advised me to run bleach through it, empty the drain located on the front, rund Whirl Out through it, etc...
I\'ve done all of these things and still have this horrible smell coming from inside the drum itself. The water that I emptied from the drain had no odor. When I clean under and in between the rubber seal on the door there is no sign of mildew or the odor on the towel that I use. I stick my head inside the washer and it\'s obvious that\'s where it\'s coming from. I was told the tub has a 5 year warranty on it. I don\'t know what else to do. I\'ve wasted so much time of course trying to do everything possible (without taking this stupid thing apart) to make this smell go away or find the actual cause and no such luck. In researching the internet I\'ve found where I\'m not the only person having this problem, knor is LG the only washer that has the mildew smell, but they\'re all front loaders with the same problem. I\'ve reported it to consumer affairs, but I don\'t know what else I can do! I spent so much money on this machine and it makes me sick to think that I\'m stuck with a mildew smelling washing machine!!! HELP>>>>>>>PLEASE!!!!!!!!!"

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